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Trigger Point Injections

We are proud to offer an alternative to cortisone steroid injections at Pioneer Sports & Pain Center.  Dr. Burtenshaw is certified to administer Bio-compatible injection therapy for muscle, ligament and joint pain.  We use FDA regulated, pharmaceutical grade natural medicines in our injectables.  These medicines have been through the same rigorous standards and regulations traditional/allopathic medicines go through in the manufacturing process.  We primarily use Traumeel Rx for acute musculoskeletal conditions.  These medicines are diluted with 0.9% NaCl solution that is standard for diluting injectable medications. NaCl  or "saline" injections are given as well for trigger points.  Dr. Burtenshaw has had very good success at treating Myofascial trigger points with NaCL solution alone.  Many studies and theory recognize that simply inserting a needle (dry needling)  in the tissue causing the healing response to occur via the body's immune response and trigger of the inflammatory repair processes.  One such study showed longer lasting effects and less pain during injection using NaCl over lidocane.  Over 90% of participants in the study preferred NaCl over lidocane for injection of Myofascial trigger points, a very common cause of back/neck pain. This was primarily attributed to less pain at time of injection.  This is because there isn't the associated "sting" or "burn" with natural injections that comes with lidocane and other analgesics.  Other than a very small poke upon needle entry there is virtually no pain with Bio-compatible injection therapy done at Pioneer Sports & Pain Center.

The benefit to Natural medicine injections are many, most importantly being that they virtually have no side effects.  Any time you puncture the skin whether it be IV therapy, injections or acupuncture for that matter, risk of infection is always there albeit very, very small.  With proper sterile techniques this can be almost 100% avoided.  With Cortisone injections it is standard in medicine to only give one or two injections in an area and only three maximally, as cortisone is a steroid and can break down the tissue causing a weaker and more damaged muscle, tendon or ligament following injection.  Bio-compatible injections offered at Pioneer can be given multiple times in an area if needed, as is sometimes the case with no side effects as these medicines are naturally occurring and don't have the tissue degrading side effects like steroids.  Patients tolerate Traumeel/NaCl injections very well.

How does an Injection rid me of my trigger point?

The primary reason an injection of any kind works to alleviate your pain is by disrupting or expanding the tissue that has become restrictive causing myofascial trigger points and consequently pain.  With this in mind one could theorize that the substance injected simply doesn't matter as it is the volume of fluid expanding or "breaking up" the tissue that provides this mechanical advantage.  There have also been numerous studies done comparing "dry needling" (simply inserting the needle w/ no substance injected) vs. a "real injection."  Even these studies show similar benefits.  The reason for this is by merely inserting the needle we are causing "microtrauma" to the tissue which breaks up the tissue and also starts the inflammatory response locally.  This is very important to point out.  Many times inflammation is considered to be "bad" because it can cause pain.  While too much or too little inflammation can be bad it is the vital driving force behind the body's inherent ability to heal.  Simply put, without inflammation, healing cannot occur.  One of the arts of clinical practice is understanding this principle and applying the right interventions at the right time to stimulate this necessary healing response.

B-12 Injections

We offer B-12 injections at Pioneer Sports & Pain Center.  B-12 injections are done primarily to boost energy levels.  Increased mental clarity and weight loss have also been attributed to B-12 injections.  This is primarily because with increased energy you are more likely to exercise and burn more calories.  Exercise is know to release chemicals in the brain called endorphins and enkephalins, which can lead to a natural high and mental clarity.  With improved mental and emotional stamina and better attitude one's success with exercise and consequently weight loss is much more likely to be achieved.

When B-12 is given intramuscular via injection it is much more readily available and absorb able by the body.  This would be the reason one would take B-12 via injection vs. oral.  These injections are usually given in a series depending upon how deficient a person is in B-12 also call Colbalamine.  Once levels have reached a good concentration injections are reduced and done occasionally to keep your body's titer up.  You also acquire B vitamins in the diet so the injections are just an extra boost.

If you struggle with mental clarity or energy loss/chronic fatigue B-12 injections may help your condition.  If clinical symptoms are not improved with a series of injections, further injections would be contraindicated.  Please call or email us with any questions you may have.  If you are accustom to B-12 injections we would love to be your local source for energy enhancement and pain relief.