Auto Accidents And Whiplash

Pioneer Sports & Pain Center in Kuna, ID Can Treat Your Auto Accident Injury

An auto accident can be over in a flash - and yet the pain and suffering it causes can last for years, especially if you don't receive the treatment you need as early as possible. Joint strain, herniated discs, internal scarring, and issues are not to be taken lightly. Receive the auto accident injury care you need at Pioneer Sports & Pain Center in Kuna, ID.

Auto Accident Injuries: Causes and Consequences

You might marvel at your good luck if you feel uninjured after an auto accident - only to discover later that your luck wasn't so good after all. Auto accidents are shocking events, and that shock can flood your body with adrenalin, damping or delaying symptoms of an injury. This might mean that you're aggravating that injury in your daily activities without even realizing it. Untreated injuries can also heal incorrectly, binding soft tissues in scar tissue so they can't move properly without pain.

Auto accident injuries can take many forms, but many of them involve the spinal column, with its delicate arrangement of joints, vertebrae, discs, and supporting soft tissues. Examples include:

  • Thoracic (upper-back and mid-back) injuries caused by the body twisting beneath a safety harness
  • Low back pain caused by forces to the lumbar vertebrae and discs
  • Sciatica, leg symptoms that occur when a lumbar structure compresses the sciatic nerve roots
  • Whiplash, in which the head is thrown back and forth with enough force to cause damage to the muscles , ligaments, and joints of the neck. 

The Natural Choice for Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Don't let fears of surgery or other extreme measures keep you from getting an evaluation and treatment. Pioneer Sports & Pain Center can perform an examination to determine where your symptoms are coming from, or point out an injury that isn't even causing symptoms yet. Our chiropractor can then create an individualized auto accident injury treatment plan based on safe, non-invasive techniques.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments to improve restricted joints, we can also provide ultrasound, heat/ice therapy, electrical muscle stimulation, dry needling, massage therapy, and rehabilitative exercises. Our office also dispenses durable medical equipment including braces and at home pain management products such as TENF unit. This potent combination can help you regain your flexibility and strength, free yourself from pain, and avoid the development of abnormal scar tissue.

Let Our Chiropractors at Pioneer Sports & Pain Center in Kuna, ID Put You Back Behind the Wheel!

You can't afford to let an auto accident injury run you off the road of your everyday life. Call (208) 922-4908 to set up an appointment so our chiropractor at Pioneer Sports & Pain Center in Kuna, ID.



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