Durable Medical Equipment Dme

Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

Pioneer Sports & Pain Center in Kuna, Idaho offers a wide array of product lines for your Durable Medical Equipment needs.  We stock some of our more popular items such as TENS units, Back and orthopedic braces spinal traction home devices and cryotherapy in our Kuna spine & orthopedic clinic.  We can order specialty items at your convenience upon request.  In many cases we can get these items covered at NO COST to you by your insurance company.

We pride ourselves in getting you what you need at a reasonable cost and in most cases within 1-2 business days.  Most items depending on your coverage are usually covered by insurance.  In most cases deductibles must be met before coverage applies.  This is an insurance benefit that most don't fully understand they have and thus don't use or take advantage of fully.

Durable Medical Equipment can be a great part of a pain management program or to help you through a specific injury.  Please call our office today and ask how DME may be part of your pain management or injury treatment options.  Our staff can help you determine your insurance benefits and coverage.

Please consider Pioneer Sports & Pain Center your Kuna Idaho expert on Durable Medical Equipment for orthopedic injuries and spinal pain management!  Acute injuries along with chronic degenerative joint and disc disease ( ARTHRITIS) can benefit greatly from DME.  Call Today!  


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