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  • "Graston is your friend! I have suffered through years of elbow tendinitis both lateral(tennis) and medial (golf). I am an avid golfer and in order to partake in my favorite past-time, I needed an annual cortisone shot. This year I decided on therapy instead of the quick fix. After eight treatments from Dr. Burtenshaw using the Graston technique and ultrasound, I am completely pain free! I am looking forward to Dr. B and his staff working out my lower back issues so I can get back to yoga and zumba with my wife:)"
    Rodney S. (Meridian, ID)
  • "Everyone was friendly and efficient. Andrew Hoch, CMT gave a great massage and Dr. Burtenshaw gave a painless B-12 injection. I will reccomend your practice to friends!

    Thank you!"
    John N. (Boise, ID)
  • "Great!! Friendly staff, Pleasant environment and I feel SO MUCH better! Thanks!"
    Julie M. (Kuna, ID)
  • "Your clinic does very well. I'm glad that I got referred to your facility!"
    Kelly B. (Kuna, ID)
  • "Pioneer Sports & Pain Center has a friendly environment as well as a knowledgeable doctor who appreciates people and what he has chosen to do for a career. He goes above and beyond...... Maxine is amazing and friendly!"
    Lexie M. (Kuna, ID)
  • "A few months ago, while playing basketball, I endured a partial tear in my calf muscle. The pain made it difficult to even walk. I wasted a few hundred bucks on a medical doctor, who gave me some pain killers and told me I would need to go through a number of very expensive tests. Instead, I gave Dr. Burtenshaw a try and within a couple visits the pain was mostly gone and he even worked out the large knot that the tear created in my muscle tissue. Dr. B. is not your average chiropractor."
    Dan H. (Boise, ID)
  • "Dr. Burtenshaw is a lifesaver. I have a very busy travel schedule, which had become very painful after undergoing back surgery a few years ago. Dr. Burtenshaw is now my "go to guy" before and after every trip. Now the pain is almost completely gone and I have Dr. Burtenshaw to thank for it. His innovative use of the Graston Technique, muscle injections, massage, and even kinesio taping have changed my life."
    Don G. (Eagle, ID)
  • "Dr. Burtenshaw is great. He listened to my complaints and took a whole body approach to my treatments. He included several different techniques to reach the source of the pain as well as relieving the pain itself. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain the way I was.

    Most recently prior to treatment I was unable to run greater than 2 miles without disabling pain in my hip and knee. Just wanted to check in and tell you about my success at Robie Creek. I finished in 2:01. The cool part was not the fast time, but that I ran the entire race without a single twinge of pain. No Piriformis and no IT Band pains. A few weeks ago I started doing the active isolated stretching -over-the-shoulder-straight-leg IT band stretches you showed me, which really seem to have helped. (I wish I had listened to you sooner on that). Anyway, wanted to tell you thanks for your help and let you know that it had worked."
    Tim T. (Boise, ID)
  • "I just wanted to say again THANK YOU! My right shoulder is working so well. The fact you diagnosed my labral tear and helped me through my surgical recovery is so very much appreciated. I know I was a cry-baby at times, but you really helped me get through a very tough recovery. As testimony to how well my outcome was, I spent the summer loading and splitting firewood. How's that for 51 years of age! Bless you!"
    Dallas Anne M. (Boise, ID)
  • "Pioneer Sports & Pain Center offers great service. I have had great improvements and reduced pain from post surgical severe fractures of my hip and back. The treatments offered by Dr. Burtenshaw and his staff have helped immensely!"
    Lynda S. (Kuna, ID)
  • "I recently came to Dr. Burtenshaw's Sports and Pain Center after living for over 6 years with chronic widespread pain in my muscles. He used the Graston Technique, trigger point injections and did some adjustments to my back. After 2 visits, I felt marked improvement in my muscles and was able to do more activity with less pain. The on-site sports massage therapist did a wonderful job of relaxing my sore muscles. My back is feeling much better, especially where Dr. Burtenshaw injected it, that was awesome! Though I do not live in the Boise area, I will be making more appointments to see Dr. Burtenshaw when I am passing through next."
    Jennifer N., RN (Seattle, WA)
  • "Dr. Burtenshaw used the Graston Technique on my back and neck. I have never had a treatment be so effective on my chronic pain! I feel Great! Maxine is a pleasure at the front desk!"
    Kim R. (Nampa, ID)
  • "Wonderful! I came from Montana and found Dr. Kyle and plan on coming back to see him again and again."
    Kara B. (Libby, Montana)
  • "I have not felt this good in years, Thanks!"
    Christine M. (Kuna, ID)
  • "Dr. Burtenshaw gave me a trigger point injection which helped me recover from a very painful low back condition. This stopped my pain and helped me to recover with out taking daily doses of pain medication!"
    Jennifer F. (Kuna, ID)
  • "For the first time my daughter feels like someone cares and can possibly help her with her pain management. The office staff is very courteous and helpful and makes us feel comfortable. Keep up the good work!"
    Brian C. (Nampa, ID)


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