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FAQ : Auto Accident Injury Treatment

man suffering from whiplash after an auto accident

Auto Accident FAQs at Pioneer Sports & Pain Center in Kuna, ID

If you need a chiropractor in Kuna, ID for auto accidents, you should contact us at Pioneer Sports & Pain Center. We can provide you with the answers you need for the most common questions about the kind of issues that affect Kuna ID residents.

What are The Symptoms of Whiplash?

Whiplash causes symptoms such as neck pain, stiffness, nausea, headaches, dizziness, cognitive problems, hearing problems, and vision problems. When you suffer from these symptoms, see our chiropractor right away.

Can Auto Accidents Cause Long-term Problems?

Injuries from auto accidents can lead to chronic muscle and joint pain if not treated properly soon after the accident. While pain may appear minimal initially and many people think “I will be fine,”
 soft tissue injuries if left untreated can lead to permanent scar tissue and long-term pain. Months and years later when the pain is persistent may be too late to fix the problem. It is always best to see a good chiropractor that is well versed in soft tissue therapy and active physical rehabilitation.

I Feel No Pain After an Accident: Do I Really Need To See a Chiropractor?

Auto accident injury treatment is necessary even if you don't feel pain right away. That's because minor problems may not cause severe pain but could lead to more problematic concerns.

What Kind of Treatment Methods are Used After an Auto Accident?

Chiropractic treatment consists of subtle manipulations of the joints and soft tissues of the spine and extremities. This treatment helps to improve range of motion and flexibility which normalizes function. Massage therapy and dry needling are also used to improve soft tissue mobility. Physical rehab helps to strengthen muscles to support a normal range of motion and maintain longterm pain relief and function. Using this integrative approach is your best chance of minimizing chronic pain.

Will My Health Insurance Cover My Treatment Needs?

Health insurance is a useful payment option to consider if you need chiropractic care. Most types of insurance will cover this type of treatment. Most of the time auto accident injury rehab is covered 100% by the auto insurance. Chiropractic treatment has been proven to be a cost-effective treatment for muscle and joint pain.

Contact Pioneer Sports & Pain Center in Kuna, ID Today!

If you just suffered from a severe auto accident and are concerned about possible health problems, please don't hesitate to contact us at Pioneer Sports & Pain Center as soon as possible. Calls us at (208) 922-4908 to set up an appointment with our Kuna ID auto accident injury treatment providers.


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