Knee Pain

The knee may be the site of pain originating from or caused by a variety of sources, including the following:

  • Referred pain from pain-sensitive structures in the low back, pelvis, and lower extremity (including facet joints, the sacroiliac and hip joints, and trigger points)
  • Radiating pain from nerve root compression
  • Peripheral nerve root entrapment (sciatic, peroneal, saphenous, etc.) 
  • Generalized dysfunction of the lower extremity
  • Local causes of pain
    • Trauma
    • Overuse
    • Other (tumor, aneurysm, infection, etc.)

Some conditions such as a torn ACL or meniscus tear from an acute injury require a surgical referral. The majority of knee conditions, however, such as bursitis, tendonitis, patella tracking disorders, ITB syndrome, and others can be managed effectively at Pioneer Sports and Pain Center. Usually, treatment requires stretching the structures that become tight (often the ITB), and strengthening the muscles that become weak (often the VMO). The use of Foam Rollers and Graston tools can be helpful with the stretching component of tight structures. In addition, soft tissue therapy and PT modalities can be helpful in managing pain and restoring function.

The doctors at Pioneer Sports and Pain Center are trained to treat a wide range of injuries and pain syndromes. They treat injuries of the neck and back as well as the extremities. Acute injuries such as sprains and strains, as well as chronic, degenerative conditions can be effectively treated conservatively at Pioneer Sports and Pain Center. Some conditions require additional medical treatment, and the doctors at Pioneer Sports and Pain Center work closely with specialists in all areas of medicine and help patients get to the right provider when a referral is indicated.

Information obtained from Differential Diagnoses and Management for the Chiropractor 


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