Bio Medical Dry Needling

Dr. Burtenshaw and Dr. Elliott are certified providers for Dry Needling in Kuna, McCall, ID Idaho.

Dr. Burtenshaw received his training and certification from the Integrative Dry Needling Institute in Denver Colorado at the Health One Hospital Clinics.

Dr. Elliott received his training and certification from Total Motion Release in Henderson Nevada.

Dr. Ma is a PhD neuroscientist and Acupunturist.  He took the concept of needling from Acupunture and integrated it with current medical science, thus creating a more western approach to needling called "Dry Needling."

The needles used are the same needles used in Acupunture, the difference is in the theory, philosophy and approach.  Dry Needling is based purely on Neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment.  Dry Needling does NOT in any form address organ systems of the body such as in internal medicine, nor does is teach principles in "meridans", "energy flow", "yin/yang", "Chi" or any other oriental or eastern approach.

Treatment is aimed at treating localized myofascial trigger points in the muscular and fascial systems of the body.  A "peripheral nerve" approach is also applied using proven nerve points on the body that have been discovered and are reproducable on thousands of patients over time.  These points are referred to as "Neuro Trigger Points."  These are areas that are named after and are in the distrubution of peripheral nerves ( the nerves that run through the arms, legs, torso and head regions.)  Basically any nerve tissue other than the brain and spinal cord, which is call the CNS (Central Nervous System).  While Dry Needling treatment is aimed at the "Peripheral Nervous System" the effects can have a huge impact on the "Central Nervous System", particularly the cortex of the brain where ALL pain is perceived in the human body.  By affecting the distal nerve, muscle, fascia and ligaments using dry needling we can improve dramatically the circulation (blood supply) to and injured or inflammed area which results in healing.  It also effects the resting length of a muslce and can break or reduce muscular trigger points that are responsible for much head, neck and back pain.  The needling is relatively comfortable compared to injections.  In some cases it is pain free.  Most patients will notice significant improvement in range of motion and pain within a few treatments.  It is a very safe, evidence based treatment option for people that suffer from actue or chronic pain.  Please call our office with any questions you may have regarding whether you may be a candidate for Integrative Dry Needling!


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