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Our clinic is a Rehabilitation, Wellness and Pain Center. Every person is unique with different types of injuries and physical demands, so our treatments are individually tailored to meet your own physical needs and the nature of your injury.  No two people are the same and we recognize the significance in that when we examine and treat our patients.

Our treatment approach is "functionally" based.  You might ask, what do they mean by functional?  Well simply put we do not focus on minor alterations in spinal/skeletal structure or what you "look like" on x-ray or MRI.  While we use MRI and x-ray studies we don't focus on them solely, after all we are treating "you" not the x-ray/MRI.  Studies show that roughly 90% of the clinically useful information a doctor gets comes from a good patient history and examination.  What matters most are the (ADL) Activities of Daily Living you cannot do because of your pain or injury.  We want to get you back to living and doing what brings "quality" to your life.

One can get to absorbed in "their diagnosis" which leads to fear of doing things and that only perpetuates the problem.  Most people have some level of "arthritis" or wear and tear.  It does not mean you can't have some level of degeneration and still function at a high level with little to no pain.  We focus on restoring range of motion, flexibility and strength.  With the "big 3" at a high level, function is high and pain is low.  When one of these areas begins to be deficient your chances for limited function and consequently pain become very high.

At the end of the day we are all aging and our tissues begin to wear out or become "degenerative."  The whole goal in is to slow down or prevent as much as possible the natural aging and degenerative process.  The more function you have the more you can "get away" with being pain and injury free.  Just as one goes in for occasional check ups to the doctor or dentist, after an injury has been resolved one can greatly prevent disability and surgery down the road with occasional "spinal check ups" over time.  It will save you thousands in the long run and much pain and suffering.  As the old adage goes "1 ounce of prevention is better than 1 pound of cure."  Please allow us be your partner in good health.

Although it would be nice to have a "recipe" to health care, there is no exact science.  We believe in 1st doing "no harm."  We provide treatment options that have little to no side effects, with very good potential to resolve or manage your condition.  We believe in practicing according to guidelines developed through science, however one must recognize the vast difference between laboratory research and clinical treatment.  This is where experience is key!

Conservative management approaches that use a combination of strength training, spinal manipulation and soft tissue/myofascial release techniques have been demonstrated in the medical literature to be the most effective means of treating back and neck pain and have been shown to help people avoid surgery.  If you have already had surgery and are still in pain, more than likely we have a treatment option that CAN help you.

Our clinic encourages patient independence.  Engaging patients in appropriate strength training and flexibility exercises, as well as stress management and nutritional therapy can be very effective approaches for musculoskeletal pain/injury and prevention.  Prevention is the key overtime to avoid severe injury, disability and loss of function.  While "pain" is the usual suspect for motivating a person to see the doctor, it is not a good measure of your functional capacity.  Once an injury is either resolved or as good as we can get it, occasional check ups are a good idea even when you are not experiencing pain to keep you in the "safe zone."  Please see the Services tab for a complete list of treatment options and services available at Pioneer Sports & Pain Center.

We hope you will take advantage of all the useful information on our website.  The more knowledge you have the better decisions you can make for your health.  Use the email link or call our office anytime for a NO COST Consultation to discuss treatment options.


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