Shoulder Pain

Shoulder complaints are common in sports such as weight lifting, swimming, and throwing, or in an occupational setting requiring overhead work. In that context, injury, when not due to a single trauma, is often due to repetitive activity or overuse. These problems can often be linked to specific positional demands. The shoulder may be the site of injury when a fall onto an extended arm transforms the shoulder into a weight bearing joint. Fracture, dislocation, tendon, or labrum damage must be considered and if found positive upon examination resulting in a referral to an orthopedic surgeon.

The primary causes of shoulder complaints generally fall into several categories with some overlap, including the following:

  • Instability (traumatic or non traumatic)
  • Impingement syndrome potentially of the biceps, supraspinatus, subacromial bursa, posterior labrum, infraspinatus and teres minor. 
  • Tendinitis/bursitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Adhesive capsulitis
  • Acromioclavicular (AC) separations  commonly known as "Shoulder Separations".
  • Referred pain from the cervical spine

Treatment at Pioneer Sports and Pain Center includes Graston Technique to help break up fibrotic adhesions that cause pain in the muscles and tendons of the feet. Along with exercises, stretches, and PT modalities in addition to the traditional chiropractic adjustment.

The doctors at Pioneer Sports and Pain Center are trained to treat a wide range of injuries and pain syndromes. They treat injuries of the neck and back as well as the extremities. Acute injuries such as sprains and strains, as well as chronic, degenerative conditions can be effectively treated conservatively at Pioneer Sports and Pain Center. Some conditions require additional medical treatment, and the doctors at Pioneer Sports and Pain Center work closely with specialists in all areas of medicine and help patients get to the right provider when a referral is indicated.

Information obtained from Differential Diagnoses and Management for the Chiropractor 


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